Information, Cars, Motors, Parts and Literature always wanted  on  Smith and/or Briggs & Stratton Motor Wheels and Flyers also Auto Red Bugs
Wanted for Possible Purchase

My Father owned a 1968 Renault R8 Gordini when I was just a kid and it was just an odd used car.  I thought it would be great to find one  for my own collection but it has proven a difficult car to find in this country.

If you have or know of a 1965-1970 Renault R8 Gordini for sale in the lower 48 states please contact me.
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Providing services to collectors of all skill and interest levels and to non-collectors with the goal of making the collector car world a more user-friendly place.

The services I provide are varied and include:


  •  Appraisals:  Legal, Insurance, Informational and pre-purchase or sale appraisals. 

  • Legal problems with collector cars? I'm not an Attorney but I do work well with them. I've been working with Attorneys for 20 years to help them navigate the intricacies and peculiar requirements of the collector car world.

  • Buy, Sell & Trade: I'm a collector too!

  • Writing & Research: I've written for major magazines and private clients on collecting and history.

  • Collection Consulting: Trying to build a collection or improve one you already started? Sometimes an experienced outsider can provide a fresh perspective and an actual plan to achieve your goals

  • Event Consulting: I've been organizing and working with collector car events since 1985. Get advice based on real experience, direction and assistance from someone who has been both an organizer and participant.

  • Motor Wheels, Flyers, Auto Red Bugs: Do you have, know about, or want to buy, sell or learn about a Smith Motor Wheel, Smith Flyer, Briggs & Stratton Motor Wheel or Briggs & Stratton Flyer or Auto Red Bug? I've been following these products for more than 30 years and I can provide historical data, some parts assistance and social networking. Now looking for information on all Motor Wheel brands for a possible book on the subject.


Don't see your needs on this list?


I've worked with an on-line auction company to provide a location for cars to be stored and shown to prospective buyers. I've written numerous eBay listings for car owners looking to sell their cars. I've been asked to review documentation of historic cars with an eye toward authenticity. I've even provided cars for movies, advertising and special events.



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