Consulting Services

We restored and collected cars as a family, so I literally grew up in the collector car world. As a lifelong enthusiast and collector, I have the pleasure of consulting with people from all over the world to provide specialty services. Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, I’m honored to act as Ambassador-At-Large for The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage.

Bonham’s Northeast Representative for Motor Cars

Research, identify, and discover cars for consignment on behalf of Bonhams Motoring department, the largest auction house to hold auction sales of classic motor cars, motorcycles and related memorabilia.

Appraisal and Automotive Estate Planning Support

Partner with families to clarify the role and eventual course of collector cars involved in an estate

Provide court room testimony in support of appraisal work

Appraiser for America On Wheels Museum in Allentown, PA and for the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Special Situations include:

  • 1912 Cretors popcorn Truck (1of 5 in existence)

  • 1929 DuPont Sedan—appraised for bank

  • 1927 BNC—part of massive car fire insurance company litigation suit

  • One-of-a-kind Rolls Royce customized for handicap access as a charitable gift

Historical Research

Research and write reports certifying authenticity of all types of vehicles. Based on 30 years of restoring classic cars, provide information and documentation to collectors about preserving the integrity of a vehicle as they embark on the restoration process.

Specialty Projects

Partner with extensive and well-established global network to acquire, sell, and identify classic cars for not only private and public collections but also for use in movies, videos, national documentaries, and more.

Research, write, and publish books for collectors including a private collector catalog chronicling a 110-car collection

Develop guides for Hagerty Classic Insurance, including “The Restoration Survival Guide” and “Collection Management”