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Motor Wheel, Flyer & Auto Red Bug

As the official record keeper, I have been researching and studying these peculiar motors and vehicles for nearly 40 years.

I maintain a database of known Flyers and Auto Red Bugs.

I also provide historical and technical assistance to owners of these motors and vehicles and make limited parts for the electric Auto Red Bugs and sell motor wheel parts from my inventory of bitsa motors.


Motor Wheel, Flyer & Auto Red Bug timeline

1914 A.O. Smith Corp obtains the license to produce a motor wheel from Wall Ltd. London, England and produces various Smith Motor Wheel models including A, B, BA, C, and the Smith Flyer

1919 Briggs & Stratton Corp buys the rights to the Motor Wheel and Flyer from Smith and introduces the Briggs & Stratton Model D motor wheel.

1920 The Motor Wheel craze hits its peak. Briggs & Stratton introduces the model SD Scooter.

1925 Briggs & Stratton sells the rights to the Flyer and all remaining motor wheel inventory to Automotive Electric Services of North Bergen, NJ

1926 (?) Automotive Electric Services runs out of motor wheels and reengineers the Flyer as the electric powered Auto Red Bug

1928 Automotive Standards assumes production of the Auto Red Bug and offers several variations in size

1930 (?) Automotive Standards and the Auto Red Bug disappear, presumably victims of the Depression